Someone Will Notice

“But they do their deeds to be noticed by men…  Matthew 23:5

In New Testament, the church leaders of the day would consistently follow the law they learned.  They made sure they attended services regularly.  They ate the proper foods and tithed the proper amount.  While some did it out of a right heart before God, others wanted the approval of the other people around them.

We can be the same way in current times.  We can do the right things to please others or with a heart to please God.  We will receive recognition from God or man.  Our actions will either make a positive or negative impact on the people around us.  If we are trying to serve an audience of one, God, then our actions will reflect Him.  Someone will notice your actions. Who do you want it to be?

God, thank you for using me to reflect you in the world around me.  Help me to represent you well.  Teach me to serve an audience of one.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.