Next Steps

Next Steps

We believe that everyone has a next step in their walk with Christ. Maybe your next step is accepting Christ, reading the Bible, or diving into a Group. Whatever your next step might be, we have tools and resources to help you on your journey. Want to find out what your next step is? Check out our Next Steps Classes below!

We want to help you grow in your relationship with God and the community that you have worked to connect with. In our 201 Class, we will help plug you into our small groups so you can get to know others while you grow.

We want to help you serve in the community! In our 301 Class, we will go over the gifts and personality that God has given you! And we will even guide you as you figure out how to use those gifts for God.

We want to equip you to share the gospel! In our 401 Class, we will show you how to share the good news of gospel with the world around you! We want to inspire you to inspire others with your journey with God.

Want to jump in a class? Check out our “Events” page to see what classes we have coming up!