“Disciples Making Disciples is taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.”

Disciples Making Disciples Training Center
FAQs, Requirements and Next Steps

General Terminology

  • Disciples Making Disciples (DMD) = Is simply the process of becoming like Christ and in turn, repeating the process with another person.
  • Discovery Bible Study Group (DBS) = When we refer to a DBS, we are simply describing an intentional gathering outside the walls of a traditional or official church building with those who aren’t currently part of a church body.
  • Training Center (TC) = A location where training, learning, and planning takes place. Usually in a church building, home, or community gathering place.

These are the (4) requirements to be a part of a training center:

  1. Attend a Sunday morning service faithfully
  2. Attend the training center faithfully
  3. Live a life pleasing to God
  4. Share your faith with at least one person each week

Training Center Facts

  1. There is no ending to this training. Being more like Jesus is a life-long process. DMD 1 runs for 4 months.
  2. We are teaching you not only how to share your faith and lead a Discovery Bible Study, but we are going to hold you accountable to actually doing these tasks.
  3. Everyone needs to understand that the time of those leading the training is just as important and valuable as yours. We expect you to be just as committed with your time as we are as leaders.
  4. The goal is for disciples to make more disciples. We go and win someone, disciple them, and repeat the process. You must share your faith each week.
  5. You will not be able to move on to DMD Book 2 until you have led someone to Christ and started a Discovery Bible Study or are helping lead a Discovery Bible Study at the end of DMD Book 1.
  6. Childcare is not provided for the weekly training sessions. Please secure your own childcare if necessary.

Discovery Bible Study Facts

  • Discovery Bible Studies are small groups of people who come together each week to worship, study and fellowship. They happen weekly, at any time during the week, and at any location.
  • Discovery Bible Study Groups are not made up of current church attenders. They are made up of those who we win to Christ.
  • Discovery Bible Study Groups form as people are won to Christ and are started in the community by you.
  • All Discovery Bible Study Groups follow the same format for the lesson time, which is based off of the Bible Discovery format you will learn in the training center.

The training classes will be held at the Sterling Heights campus only. As stated above, there is no “ending” to this training because being more like Jesus is a life-long process. Please take time and pray about this opportunity. This will take time and commitment on your part each and every day.

The training center officially starts on September 11th at the Sterling Heights Campus (44625 Schoenherr Rd, Sterling Heights, MI, 48313)

For more information and for any questions, please contact Bernie Schmidt here: