Levi Left Everything

28 So Levi got up, left everything, and followed him. 29 Later, Levi [Matthew] held a banquet in his home with Jesus as the guest of honor. Many of Levi’s fellow tax collectors and other guests also ate with them.Luke 5:28-29 (NLT)

Levi (Matthew) left everything to follow Jesus. That is how strongly he felt about Jesus. We know Tax collectors were known as traitors and sinners. The worst of the worst. When Jesus came, He saw Matthew and all He had to say was follow me. Matthew even had a banquet and invited other tax collectors to meet Jesus. When you are with Jesus you want to show him to others. He not only gave up so much, but lead other sinners to Jesus.

Actions Steps:
This week pay attention to how you treat others. Think of someone who you think might need Jesus and try to open up that conversation with them.