Understanding the Secrets

51 Jesus said to them, “Have you understood all these things?” Matthew 13:51 (NKJV) 

Jesus began teaching in a new and different way.  Jesus began teaching in parables.  This style included taking a known truth and an unknown truth and putting them alongside each other.  The disciples noticed right away that Jesus had changed things up and asked Jesus about it.  Jesus explained three reasons for using parables: 

  1. To reveal truth to the disciples, making known the secrets of heaven to them.
  2. To hide truth from unbelievers.  These secrets were for the disciples to know more of heaven, but to hide these truths from the religious leaders who had already rejected Jesus and thereby were rejecting a future eternity.
  3. To fulfill the prophecy spoken by Isaiah (6:9-10).  God spoke of people who would see and hear but not comprehend His message. 

Jesus intended to have quality time with His disciples and to go further with them in the matters involving the kingdom of heaven. 

This new teaching style was a judgment against the religious leaders who turned away from Jesus and rejected Jesus as the Son of God.  They would no longer understand the teachings and things they thought they understood would be unclear. 

How sad it must be to lose the privilege of engaging in conversation with God’s own Son, the Messiah.  How tragic it would be to reject the Messiah and face the eternal consequence of your sins.  We do the same thing today when we live our lives our own way apart from Jesus. 

God offers the same opportunity to true Believers today-to know His secrets of the kingdom of heaven when our hearts are fully His.  And still today, those who reject God, and the gospel will have their eyes blinded and their ears plugged to the truth. 

What about you?  Where is your heart on the matters of God and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ?  Do you long to know more of the secrets that God promises to reveal to His people?  Or have your eyes and ears stopped seeing and hearing from God, and what you thought you once knew, is now unclear? 

People who are devoted to the gospel of Jesus have privileged understanding of the kingdom of heaven.

Let’s Pray:
Dear God,  Thank You for the truth of the gospel.  Thank You for sending Jesus as the Messiah who paid the price for sin and gives eternity to all who believe.  God, please help our hearts to be fully devoted to You and open our eyes and ears to Your teachings.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.