The Heritage Church Internship Program is designed to enhance your professional skills, develop ministry experience, and build positive personal habits in order to advance your career while glorifying God with your talents. 


Those who feel they are being called to use their spiritual gifts for Christ both in & out of the ministry.


Our summer internship program runs from May 21 – August 14.


As we transition into a larger scale internship program, this summer internship includes free tuition and training. We will also be providing you with resources and fun activities.


25 hours per week on Sundays and Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Application deadline is May 7.

Internship Growth Focus

Hands-On Experience

Learn to appreciate the responsibility that comes from a hands-on approach as you work within our campus operations. You’ll take ownership of the tasks assigned to you and step into your role as a leader in our church and the community.

Mentorship That Matters

Discover the life of compassion, care, joy, and love that comes with a foundation for your calling through the mentorship programs at Heritage Church. You’ll discover ways to sharpen your gifts, grow your talents, and find yourself well past your comfort zone through our mentorship programs.

Culture & Philosophy

Through our culture & philosophy teachings, you’ll discover the beauty and purpose of our calling as a church. With teachings and resources led by multiple pastors, interns find a new connection with Heritage and their own ministry philosophy.

Create Community

Through our compassionate community outreach program, you will build genuine community in Christ within the church. Our mentorship programs are built to guide you into a deeper relationship with Jesus through small group Bible study and community interaction.

Spiritual Growth

By taking the time to pause, slow down, and remove distractions in your daily life, you’ll discover a space to connect more deeply with the Word and grow closer with God. As you interact and engage with other interns, you’ll learn to appreciate the time of spiritual growth during your Heritage Church internship.

Leadership + Bible Training

Develop intentional biblical study and prayer practices through theological study during your internship. Also learn what it takes to be a leader in your faith, community, and career with high-level training from Heritage Church staff.


HC Youth

  • Plan & coordinate student events and engagement
  • Identify & recruit students to participate
  • Assist in planning the future of HC Youth
  • Maintain database of leaders & students

HC Kids

  • Serve in HC kids each weekend
  • Research and implement learning activities for kids ministry
  • Coordinate purchasing of supplies
  • Assist with volunteer communication


  • Design/Shoot Video materials for all social media platforms
  • Create/Shoot/Edit engaging videos
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines
  • Shoot video for other various mediums

Graphic Design

  • Design graphic materials for all social media platforms
  • Create engaging visuals for Sunday experience
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines
  • Design for other various mediums


  • Work with production volunteers and contract employees
  • Assist with back-stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the producer for each Worship Experience both online and in building

Music Production/

  • Work with worship volunteers and contract employees
  • Assist with stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the Worship Director and team with various worship services, nights, and recordings

Social Media

  • Assist in operations of all Social media platforms
  • Create and capture engaging content
  • Manage event marketing deadlines
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes

Online Production

  • Assist online staff each weekend during live broadcast
  • Analyze numbers and viewer count each week
  • Assess and improve current processes

Next Steps / Guest Services

  • Assist with all Guest Experience responsibilities on campus
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
  • Coordinate logistics for campus supplies & resources
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes


  • Assist Intern Directors with event planning, intern assignments, and support interns
  • Maintain relationships with all interns for relational and innovation within Formation
  • Support Formation Directors
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes


  • Manage job listings
  • Assist with recruiting potential candidates
  • Assist with coordinating event details and locations
  • Manage new database entries
  • Support office team in all areas


  • Manage accounting projects
  • Work order management and logistics
  • Listing financial data and filing
  • Support finance team in all areas

Event planning

  • Assist with planning Heritage events
  • Strategize and implement an event from start to finish
  • Develop marketing strategies for large events
  • Help recruit volunteers and cast vision to a team

Heritage Fitness Project

  • Assist with operations of the fitness facility
  • Develop interpersonal skills through shadowing trainer and client sessions
  • Assist with training session programming for fitness classes
  • Support trainers with selling fitness packages and classes

Hear What Past Interns Had To Say About The Heritage Internship Program

We feel it’s better that you hear it right from those whose lives were directly and intimately impacted through their participation in our internship and mentorship programs.

Interning at Heritage truly changed my life and my relationships! I was newly Christian and looking for purpose in ways that taught me more about Jesus. My internship cultivated friendships, learning, purpose and growth.
Natalie DeVos
As an intern, I gained skills that translated into every area of my life. From knowledge of leadership to the technical knowledge of production, my experience as an intern was incredibly fruitful and served as a catalyst for a career in worship arts and production. Upon finishing the internship, I felt I knew where the Lord was calling me, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by and plugged in to a network of incredible, Godly people.
Elijah Zentz
My time as an intern at Heritage has truly changed my life, not only personally but in my professional career.
I was excited every day to intern with leaders who had different passions and gifts, but all shared the same vision. I learned what it really meant to work as one while reaching others for Jesus.

Raul Herrera
The internship experience at Heritage pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am usually the one to be serving behind the scenes, but through the internship I was able to grow and develop trust in God wherever He is calling me. You never know where He may lead you, but
I have no regrets saying yes to God.

Mark Darren Angsioco

Next Internship begins May 22nd
Application Deadline May 7th