Date Night – Video #2

Date Night – Video #2

Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

The verse above communicates the importance of praying with one another. While praying on our own/strengthening our own relationship is so important, putting God at the center of your relationship is also important. A love for God is the firmest foundation any relationship can be built upon.

The Tag Team Prayer Challenge: 

1. Hold hands with your partner  

2. Start out with short requests (15-20 seconds max!)

3. Then squeeze your partner’s hand (to let them know that you’re through)

4. Take turns frequently (don’t “hog” the prayer time; Base the length of your time praying upon the consent of the partner who is least-comfortable praying) 

5. Give each other permission to end your prayer together at any time by saying “Amen” after your partner has finished with his/her turn. 

6. Give the other partner one more short turn, then you are done – with no blaming or criticizing!

The key is to get in the habit of praying together out loud daily.  Less than 1% of couples who pray together regularly believe that divorce is a possibility. Daily prayer together can bullet-proof your marriage/relationship.