Date Night – Video #1

Date Night – Video #1

Do you remember your first date with your partner? Where was it? What did you have planned? What were your thoughts?

Take a moment to reminisce about your first date using the questions below:

  • Question: Take turns describing your first date to each other.
  • Question: What’s the best date you have ever been on together?
  • Question: What’s your dream date with your partner?

Frequency is important!  The 4th Commandment reminds us that God expects us to take time weekly to reconnect and renew your intimacy/relationship by giving God your undivided attention: “The seventh day of each week belongs to me, your God.” (Exodus 20:10, CEV). 

God’s tip is: Date me weekly. If God expects us to date Him weekly, then it’s a reliable rule to keep in our romantic partnerships/marriages.