Christmas offering 2020

Christmas offering 2020

Make an impact this year!

This year, Heritage is receiving a special Christmas offering to meet the needs locally and around the world. For our global mission, we are so excited to partner with the Timothy Initiative in order to bring the good news of Jesus to everyone, everywhere. For just $300, TTI is able to plant a church in an area of the world that lacks access to the gospel. Head here for more info on The Timothy Initiative. For our local mission, we are partnering with a debt relief organization where, for every dollar we raise, our partner would leverage that $1 to abolish $100 in medical debt, therefore multiplying the church’s impact. Our hope is to release millions of dollars worth of debt off the shoulders of our local community! If you’d like info on this, check out RIP Medical Debt for more info. Our inspiration came from Crossroads Church, that had great success with this program: Crossroads Pays Off Medical Debt.

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