Message Burns

You tricked me, Lord, and I was tricked. You overpowered me and won. People make fun of me all day long. Everyone laughs at me. Every time I speak, I cry out. All you ever tell me to talk about is fighting and trouble. Your message has brought me nothing but dishonor. It has made me suffer shame all day long. Sometimes I think, “I won’t talk about his message anymore. I’ll never speak in his name again.” But then your message burns in my heart. It’s like a fire deep inside my bones. I’m tired of holding it in.  Jeremiah 20:7-9 (NIRV)

God has created each of us for a purpose.  God has placed within each of us a plan and a destiny.  There are times when God’s plan seems to go against what others believe.  It may not be the most popular view of things.  But when God places something within us, the message burns until it can get out.  

God, thank you for creating me for a purpose.  Help me to fulfill the purpose and destiny you have for me.  Use me to reflect your glory.  In Jesus name.  Amen.